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Rates for Service

How does ambulance billing work?

Ambulances bill for the treatment and transport based on the level of care the patient requires and receives. These levels are broken into Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support 1 (ALS1), and Advanced Life Support 2 (ALS2). We also make a distinction between a 911 activation and transporting patients from one hospital to another (Interfacility). Ambulance services bill a combination of the appropriate "base rate" and mileage. We strive to keep these costs as low as possible while still providing the high level of care and professionalism our patients deserve.

For more information on the difference between BLS, ALS1, and ALS2 see this document from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

For information on paying a bill please click here.

911 Rates

BLS 911: $600

ALS1 911: $900

ALS2 911: $1300

Evaluation without transport: $250

BLS Mileage: $20/mile

ALS Mileage: $40/mile

Interfacility Rates

BLS Interfacility: $1500

ALS1 Interfacility: $2500

ALS2 Interfacility: $3500

BLS Mileage: $20/mile

ALS Mileage: $40/mile

Rates are subject to change. For questions regarding billing please reach out to us using our contact page.

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