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About Us


About Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance Service

Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance Service (BJAS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ambulance service that serves the towns of Bartlett and Jackson, New Hampshire.

BJAS provides BSL/ALS 911 emergency care in the urban, rural, and wilderness settings of the Mount Washington Valley.

While working closely with the fire departments of both towns, BJAS is a distinct and separate service dedicated to the health and emergency care of our residents and visitors.


BJAS also works within the community to prevent and treat existing diseases through our community medicine program.

Our Directors

Rick Murnik

Day-to-day operations manager. Primary contact for information about our services.

Sue Gaudette

Billing and financial accounts manager. Primary contact for billing and repayment options.

Rob Reiners

Quality control, training, and medical supply coordinator. Secondary contact for information about our services.

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